Nest&Cut: the best automatic nesting web application!

With just a few clicks, obtain optimized nesting results in DXF or DWG format for your cutting machines.


Why choose Nest&Cut ?

Increase your productivity and margins

Our high performance on-line nesting application very quickly generates optimized nesting and reduces your off-cuts.

No installation, no training

Nest&Cut is a true web application, there is nothing to install. It’s automatic, intuitive and no training is needed to use it.

An immediate return on investment

Thanks to its rapidity, human intervention reduced to the minimum and its low price, Nest&Cut very quickly starts to save you money.

Satisfied customers

“Nest&Cut has enabled us to save considerable time and money. In addition to this extraordinary program, the customer service is the best I have ever received from a software company. I strongly recommend Nest&Cut”.

Carlos Ferreira| Graphic Designer | ChemArt Company| Lincoln, Rhode Island


Try Nest&Cut!

  • Advanced automatic nesting functions on-line.
  • Optimization of existing nesting.
  • Incredibly simple, intuitive and fast!
  •  Nest and cut any kind of flat material
  •  on any type of cutting machine that follows profiles.

Do you dream of a simple fast nesting software? Here is Nest&Cut!


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