World's best web-based automatic nesting software

Get highly optimized nesting in a few clicks, with output as DXF or NC code for your cutting machines. Start optimizing & saving!


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Top three reasons to use Nest&Cut

Increased productivity & profit

Our high-performance online nesting software provides optimized nesting results in a shorter time resulting in lower scrap ratio.

Easy to use online nesting

Nest&Cut is available online, nothing to install. It's fully automatic, simple, intuitive and no training is needed.


Quick ROI & pays for itself

Nest&Cut generates a positive return on investment in a very short time with reduced human intervention and attractive pricing.

You dream of a nesting software that is simple & fast?
Nest&Cut is the answer!

Nest&Cut has been a huge time and cost saver for us. On top of this amazing program, the customer service has been the best I've ever received from any Tech company. I would highly recommend Nest&Cut

Carlos Ferreira | Graphic Designer | ChemArt Company | Lincoln, Rhode Island

Watch the video to understand Nest&Cut in 90 seconds

Multilingual Interface

Nest&Cut application is available in 6 languages for an easy and quick start !

Advanced online automatic nesting features

  • Re-nest existing nesting layouts

    Re-nest existing nesting layouts

    • The application can read and improve DXF or DWG nesting layouts that were created using another system, thereby you can compare the savings.
  • Fast parts import & cleaning

    Extremely fast DXF import and cleaning

    • Thanks to its proprietary technology, Nest&Cut can import multiple DXF parts and also perform geometric cleaning in few seconds.
    • This accelerates the nesting process by saving your time and effort.
    • If a DXF contains multiple shapes, they can either be kept as a group or split as individual parts.
  • Automatic lead-ins and lead-outs

    Automatic lead-ins and lead-outs

    • Nest&Cut automatically adds lead-ins and lead-outs, saving you time
    • Lead-ins and lead-outs positions are optimized for a reduced cutting time
  • Cutting order generation

    Cutting order generation

    • After optimizing nesting layouts, Nest&Cut generates cutting trajectories for a large variety of machines (among which Amada, Bystronic, Flow, Hypertherm, Prima, CypCut, ...) with an optimized sequence.
    • Nest&Cut can also output nesting layouts in DXF format with the cutting order of the parts, ready for the cutting software or the machine's numerical control.

Extremely simple, intuitive & fast.

It's a child's play! No training needed.

Sign-up and start your free trial!

Nest and cut any flat material on any profile cutting machine. Benchmark Nest&Cut with your existing nesting software and compare the savings. Optimize your nesting, cutting process and start saving!

30-day free trial. No credit card required.

Nest and Cut any flat material

  • Sheet Metal Working
  • Wood Panels
  • Composite and technical materials
  • Cardboards & Papers
  • Foam and Soft Material
  • Stone & Marble
  • Food Products

Nest&Cut is suitable for any kind of use.

For Industrial

end users

You have a cutting machine, neither you are satisfied with your nesting features nor you want to invest in an expensive CAM? Nest&Cut is your go-to choice with its best nesting efficiency and attractive pricing.

For manufacturers

& order givers

You subcontract your cutting processes and just want to estimate your raw material needs? Nest&Cut is the perfect solution for you to get very precise estimation to reduce costs in a very short time.

For cutting machine builders

You manufacture/resell cutting machines and your customers need a powerful & economical nesting solution? Nest&Cut adds value to your offering. Focus on your machines and we will take care of nesting.

30-day free trial. $59/month after

Using nesting optimization software is no more an expensive affair. Our web-based nesting application not only brings superior performance but also offers affordable pricing that covers all kinds of nesting demands and generates a positive ROI just after few nesting sessions. Use Nest&Cut to optimize your cutting operations, for raw material cost estimation or for both.

Sign-up and get unlimited free access to our nesting application for 30 days. No credit card required.

Don't hesitate to try Nest&Cut

  • Unlimited nesting, DXF or NC code export.
  • Nothing to install, runs on any browser.
  • Complete data security & reliability.
  • Cutting edge cloud technology.
  • New features included at no additional cost!

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