The best automatic 2D nesting software in the cloud.

In just a few clicks, get highly optimized nesting with output as a DXF file, PDF report or NC program for your cutting machines.
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In just a few clicks, get highly optimized nesting with output as a DXF file, PDF report or NC program for your cutting machines.
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All about Nest&Cut in 2 minutes

Advanced nesting and automatic cutting functions

Automated import
Nest&Cut cleans and prepares your parts for efficient nesting programs.
The world’s best algorithm
High efficiency that considers your business constraints
Results tailored to your needs
DXF, PDF and NC code outputs
CAM functionalities
The essential CAM features for quality cutting

Start optimizing and saving


You are a manufacturer, a craftsman, a subcontractor or a small/medium-sized company who wants to benefit from an efficient nesting, automation and intuitive web app.
Or you need a lightweight Cam app with an attractive pricing.

Nest&Cut is definitely THE right choice to reveal your expertise.

Discover the right pricing for your need and level of activity.

Cutting machine builders

Because as a machine builder or a second-hand machine reseller, you need a simple, value-for-money and efficient solution to offer to your clients.
Or you want to focus on your machines and benefit from a robust, reliant and qualitative software to reveal your machines functionalities.
Nest&Cut can resolutely meet your expectations to add value to your offering.

Discover and experience all the possibilities
For any flat material
Composite & technical materials Carboards & Papers Foam & soft Materials Stone & Marble Canvas Wood Panels Sheet Metal Working Food Products

Key benefits

Increase your material yields

Nest&Cut Artificial Intelligence (AI) is based on the world’s best nesting algorithm, which we’ve been continuously improving for 45 years.

In just a few seconds, you’ll get highly optimized nestings and save raw material.

Boost your productivity with a highly intuitive interface

Nest&Cut is simple, 100% web-based and easy to use.
There’s no need for installation or training – all you need is an Internet connection.

And don’t worry about maintenance costs: Nest&Cut is always up-to-date.

seconds from import to result
Rely on premium technical expertise

Nest&Cut’s dedicated team of technical experts guarantees a high-performance, secure and highly automated application.
With us, there are no robots or call centers: these experts answer your questions directly.

No need to wait a week, they’re happy to do it reactively.

average response time

Stories from our customers

"Nest&Cut has been a huge time and cost saver for us. On top of this amazing program, the customer service has been the best I've ever received from any Tech company."
Carlos Ferreira
Graphic Designer, ChemArt Company
“Another advantage is for the calculation time: with our previous software it could take one hour whereas it is done in 2 minutes with Nest&Cut “
Luka Köck
Head of chassis and aerodynamics, TU Graz Racing Team
“Nest&Cut is a very user-friendly yet high-performance tool. “Quick and efficient access”; “we are very helpfully guided”; “it’s really nice”; “nesting efficiency is very high. Nest&Cut’s efficiency is up to our expectations, definitely no doubt about that”.
Stéphane Wannyn
CEO, STOPP Composites
"Nest&Cut is any easy, intuitive nesting program that provides an efficient nesting of paths and immediately brought value to our company. I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone."
Carlos Ferreira
Graphic designer, Beacon Design
“The most efficient and easiest software to use for sheet metal nesting. I recommend Nest&Cut 100%!”
Willem-Jan van der Vegte
Chief Executive, KB Alufrees
“Nest&Cut’s ability to indicate the exact points where open contours exist is still a significant time saver compared to manually managing these files”.
Stéphane Wannyn
CEO, STOPP Composites
“With this simple program, you can go a long way! We’ve never had the feeling we should use another program, even when we grew so quickly.”
Willem-Jan van der Vegte
Chief Executive, KB Alufrees
“We may have been using it for a year, but it's already paid for itself in terms of time savings and efficiency alone.”
Benjamin McElrath
Owner - President B&A Trailers Inc
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