• Nest&Cut: Start Optimizing & Saving!

Nest&Cut is the only cloud-based 2D nesting software for CNC Cutting optimization with so many benefits.


Best nesting efficiency

Our high-performance cloud-based 2D nesting software provides optimized DXFor DWG nesting layout in a shorter time and lowers the raw material scrap ratio. You benefit from increased productivity and profit margins.

Simple & user-friendly

Easy to use web interface. Nest&Cut is fully available online, nothing to install. You can start nesting immediately, no training needed.

Accurate material calculation

Use Nest&Cut to quickly & precisely estimate your raw material consumption. The higher the nesting efficiency, the greater are your savings. Nest&Cut offers you the solution to stay competitive in the fast-moving manufacturing world.

100% web, 100% cloud application

Nest&Cut is an online automatic nesting software, accessible from anywhere on any device using an internet connection. It is not installed on any particular device. Since the software is available online, there is no installation process. Maintenance is included, the software is always up to date.

40 years' expertise in automatic nesting

Nest&Cut is Alma's online CNC nesting software. Nest&Cut is the culmination of Alma's 40 years' experience in automatic nesting of complex shapes for cutting optimization.

Low entry cost & quick ROI

Nest&Cut subscription offers minimal upfront risk and no capital investment. Nest&Cut generates a positive return on investment in a very short time, thanks to the unparalleled material gain, increased automation & reduced human intervention

Advanced automatic nesting features

Nest&Cut is built on powerful nesting algorithms. The application includes advanced & unique nesting features like automatic DXF/DWG cleaning, re-nesting an existing layout, cutting order of the parts, multi-format nesting and of course true shape 2D nesting. Nest&Cut can nest for any kind of material efficiently.

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