20 1月 2024

A new dedicated plan for students and non-profit organizations

Nest&Cut supports students and non-profit organizations.

Nest&Cut, one of Alma’s newest products, has quickly become a leader in automatic online nesting software. Designed to make excellent material savings accessible to all with a simple, intuitive interface, our nesting software is perfectly suited whether you are a business, educational institution or non-profit organization.


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Affordable nesting software for all users

At Nest&Cut, we believe that our nesting software should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we offer significant preferential rates for students, high schools, universities, Fablabs and other non-profit organizations.

If you fall into one of these categories, feel free to contact us! We’ll be happy to discuss your projects and needs with you.


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Nesting software compatible with all browsers

Our nesting software is fully web-based, which means it’s compatible with Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Just make sure you are using one of the three most recent versions of your browser to get the most out of it.


Learning to use Nest&Cut is child’s play

If you’re looking to quickly familiarize yourself with our nesting software, we have created a series of video tutorials available on our YouTube channel. These videos will guide you through Nest&Cut’s various features. Of course, our team is always ready to help if you have any specific needs.


Nest&Cut adopted by TU Graz racing team

The effectiveness of our nesting software is well proven. Take the TU Graz racing team, for example. Team member Luka, responsible for chassis and aerodynamics, uses Nest&Cut to optimize the use of nesting materials.

Before discovering Nest&Cut, the team had difficulties with other nesting software. Now, thanks to Nest&Cut, they can optimize the layout of each part designed in their CAD software.

What the team at TU Graz appreciate most about Nest&Cut is its ability to nest different layers within a DXF file, without losing reference or positioning. This feature is essential for labeling each layer with its reference number, thus ensuring correct installation of each part.

Read more about the TU Graz racing team’s experience with Nest&Cut in our dedicated article. Finally, Nest&Cut is more than just nesting software: it’s a partner of choice for optimizing your manufacturing process. We help you save time and valuable resources. Join the Nest&Cut community today!


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