Technical excellence

Nest&Cut was developed from the outset to be to be qualitative, intuitive and secured to meet the expectations and business challenges of our clients.

We always wanted Nest&Cut to be totally robust so that it can be used anywhere in the world, at any time, without interruption of service.

We would like to describe how we design this qualitative nesting and cutting web app.

A polished interface for greater efficiency


Simple and ergonomic.
Interface must be easy to understand and the user must make as few clicks as possible.

Set: preparation phase
Nest: configuration phase
Cut: the phase after nesting

12 cleaning algorithms & automatic corrections performed on the geometries in the CAD files, and then configured to reach optimum performance.

An infrastructure designed to perform

  • Robust and high-performance
  • Infrastructure based on the latest innovations, known as “micro-services”.
  • Ecological component integrated into its server management from the outset.
  • Nest&Cut uses open technologies and robust, proven languages such as PostgreSQL and Python.

Testing is the key!

Updates are frequent, whether for new features, performance improvements or maintenance tasks. For Nest&Cut, they are systematically tested from A to Z before going into production.

Nest&Cut teams spend over a third of our development time creating tests,

And Updates are carried out “on the fly”, without service interruption!

A cooperative team at your service

When there’s a problem, we all like to be put in touch with competent people who can solve it quickly. That’s why at Nest&Cut, support is provided directly by the product design and development teams.

If you would like to go further and know everything about Nest&cut development, feel free to check the comprehensive article.

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