Advanced cutting optimization features

Nest&Cut is built on powerful nesting algorithms and includes many advanced nesting features.


Automatic cleaning of DXF or DWG geometries

  • The quality of DXF or DWG geometries is a recurring problem in CAM. Fastidious and extremely time-consuming operations are required to be able to use these geometries for cutting.
  • One of Nest&Cut's specific features is that it includes advanced functions for automatic cleaning of DXF or DWG geometry to avoid these problems. To do this, Nest&Cut performs automatic relinking and removal of auto-intersections.

Re-nest existing layouts

Nest&Cut can read and improve DXF or DWG nesting layouts that were created using another system. Nest&Cut can nest more parts on the same material sheet, thereby reducing material scrap and cost.

Automatic cutting order generation of parts

Nest&Cut delivers the optimized nesting layouts in DXF or DWG format along withthe part cutting orders, ready to be used by the cutting software or the machine's numerical control.

Multi-format nesting

Nest&Cut performs global optimization on multiple sheets to save more material. Sheets of different sizes can be used. Moreover, in order to improve productivity in case of more parts, Nest&Cut manages nesting multiplicity: the application generates a few different layouts that will be used several times.

True shape automatic nesting

Nest&Cut chooses the best part orientation among allowed orientations. Part rotation can be customized. Part recesses are used to recursively nest parts in other parts ("inside-part nesting"). 

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