Getting started

How to start the Nest&Cut’s 30-day free trial?

Because we believe it is very important you can try entirely Nest&Cut app to see if it matches your needs, you can enjoy Nest&Cut’s all functionalities for a 30-day free trial.

To do so, you can click on the free trial button in Nest&Cut website or directly access the app by clicking on this link

Enter your e-mail and get started. No credit card is required.

Is it possible to use Nest&Cut with all browsers?

Nest&Cut runs perfectly with every browser but Internet Explorer, for at least the 3 most recent versions.

How to feel at ease with Nest&Cut quickly?

Nest&Cut has a truly user-friendly interface and it is very automated. However if you wish to discover more about it, you can check out our Youtube channel where we provide tutorial videos to teach you how to use Nest&Cut features. Feel free to contact us, expert technical engineers will answer you throughout the day.