Subscription & payment

How do I subscribe to Nest&Cut?

Nest&Cut offers 2 plans according to your needs and/or your level of activity.  The classic plan with a DXF to DXF orientation and the production plan with cam essential functionalities.

Just click on the link to access the pricing and subscription process and let us guide you.


Is there a commitment when I subscribe to Nest&Cut?

Nest&Cut is a web-based app in SaaS & Cloud model. It gives you all the flexibility you need to adapt your use to your activity and your level of business. You can subscribe for a monthly plan, suspend it or stop it whenever you want. You can also choose the yearly subscription, if suited, and benefit for 2 months free more.

How to access my Nest&Cut account details?

Within the app interface, click on settings. You will have all the details about:

  • Preference settings for the app
  • Preference settings for your machines, if used
  • Your profile details
  • Your subscription details


Can I switch from a monthly plan to an annual plan?

Yes, you can switch form a monthly plan to another without unsubscribing if your needs evolve directly in the app, on the “subscription” tab.

How can I pay my subscription?

Nest&Cut app subscription is supported through Stripe, known as the most robust and secured payment platform.

Nowadays you can pay your subscription by credit card or SEPA transfer for European countries.

Please feel free to tell us which way of payment you would need at:

Do you offer discounts for students, educational institutions, or non-profits organizations?

Yes, we offer substantial discounts for students, high schools or universities, as well as for Fablab or any non-profit organization. Contact us to enjoy it