Success story
14 9月 2022

How Nest&Cut participates in the manufacturing of aluminum yachts

Meet Willem-Jan van der Vegte, Chief Executive at KB alufrees

KB alufrees is a Dutch milling company. It uses CNC milling machines to produce cutting stacks, mainly for aluminum yachts.

The company’s Chief Executive is Willem-Jan van der Vegte. He works with KIMLA milling machines, and mainly cuts 6 by 2 meter aluminum sheets. He usually carries out between 5 and 10 nestings per day.

At the beginning, he was not using any kind of nesting software. He would ask customers to provide the nestings, or create them himself, manually. As a result efficiency was very low, and a lot of raw materials were lost.

It is very important for Willem-Jan to make economic use of aluminum, because in today’s market the price and availability of aluminum represent major difficulties.

After 6 months of production, the company finally discovered Nest&Cut. The application enabled them to significantly reduce off-cuts.

Nest&Cut: the web-based nesting application that is the most efficient and the simplest to use.

For the manager it was obvious that Nest&Cut was the right choice. He was already familiar with the Alma CAM software, used by some of his competitors. So he knew Alma’s nesting algorithm was highly effective and reliable.

After using the free version of Nest&Cut for a while, he was won over by the application’s simplicity of use. He needed a simple effective nesting software, that would integrate perfectly into his system, and that is exactly what he found in Nest&Cut.

He appreciates the fact that all the functions proposed on the interface are useful; there is nothing superfluous. The responsiveness and automation of the processes also facilitate his daily work. In addition the application offers exactly the right level of adjustment to meet his needs. It is exactly what he was looking for.

“For us, it provides exactly the right number of buttons, the adjustment possibilities are exactly right. And it does everything perfectly for our type of use. So it’s perfect for our utilization.”
Willem-Jan van der Vegte - Chief Executive, KB alufrees

Today the manager wants to focus more on the strategic aspects of the business, and delegate some of his tasks to colleagues. The ergonomic user-friendly design of Nest&Cut has greatly facilitated this transition. After just five minutes of explanations about the program, his colleagues were able to create nestings by themselves. It was very easy for them to get started.

How Nest&Cut helps KB alufrees improve its efficiency and speed in order to meet its customers’ needs

The introduction of Nest&Cut resulted in major organizational changes, which in particular improved the efficiency and speed of production. Manual nesting used to take a long time, and was very inefficient.

“So Nest&Cut has brought us much more time, and much less waste!.”
Willem-Jan van der Vegte - Chief Executive, KB alufrees

The improvements delivered by Nest&Cut have also increased the satisfaction of KB alufrees customers.

“It’s a win-win situation: for us and for our customers.”
Willem-Jan van der Vegte - Chief Executive, KB alufrees

Nest&Cut has been able to support KB alufrees throughout its growth. The young company has enjoyed very strong growth over the last few years. The number of orders has increased dramatically. Even so, Willem-Jan van der Vegte explains that he never felt the need to change to a larger nesting software. Despite the considerable increase in the number of orders, Nest&Cut remains effective and efficient. In addition, the application is easy to maintain. So he wants to continue using Nest&Cut for as long as possible.

”With this simple program, you can go a long way! We’ve never had the feeling we should use another program, even when we grew so quickly.”
Willem-Jan van der Vegte - Chief Executive, KB alufrees

High quality customer service

The flexibility of subscription and the automated payment system are also very practical for the manager. He likes to be kept informed and to receive an e-mail whenever the account is debited.

He has also needed to contact Nest&Cut customer service on a few occasions. They were always able to provide a solution on the same day.

“The customer support has always been good. So I’m 100% satisfied.”
Willem-Jan van der Vegte - Chief Executive, KB alufrees

Finally, if he had to describe Nest&Cut in one sentence:

“The most efficient and easiest software to use for sheet metal nesting. I recommend Nest&Cut 100%!”
Willem-Jan van der Vegte - Chief Executive, KB alufrees
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